Want to show your colors in style at the hamfests and other QTHs?

We’ve got the solution for you: Velcro backed 3D PVC patches!

UPDATE: 20210915 There is still stock of patches available. Domain forwarding issues (leading to lost orders) should now be resolved. Due to Corona countries have been refusing post from Korea, but now the US is receiving again as well as other select countries. Inquiries to double check can be sent via email address listed at QRZ. Also as a result of the hubbub postal prices have gone up, but I will hold off on updating patch prices until October out of good faith, and to give folks a chance who have been waiting over a year since the postal freeze. Your understanding is greatly appreciated–73!

The patch is:SOTA_PVC-close_up

  • full color PVC
  • 3D relief design
  • 70mm x 75mm
  • sharp SOTA logo, with conforming border (neither square nor circle patch)
  • Velcro hook surface on the back
  • can be affixed to any surface with Velcro loop (also includes looped surface that you can attach to your favorite hat, bag, etc)
  • a great addition to your tactical apparel collection!


All proceeds go to 6K0FM SOTA Korea Club to promote SOTA in Korea and worldwide SOTA MT


All prices include first class postal DX shipping costs, and are in USD

So, get SWAG, not SWR! Get your geek on with some glow in the dark action!


  • 1 SOTA 3D PVC patch: $10 (includes DX shipping)

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  • 3 SOTA 3D PVC patches for me and my friends: $25 (includes DX shipping)

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1 thought on “DX STORE

  1. 4일(일요일)아침에 교신한 DS3NZO 입니다.
    그전에 몇번 교신을 했을땐 SOTA.UK만 확인했었습니다.
    국내에도 클럽이 있는줄 몰랐네요.
    저도 등산을 자주하는편이고 어디서 할건지 사전정보를 알수있으니까
    기회가되면 산정상에서 직접 만날수 있을것 같습니다.
    항상 안전산행 하시고 즐거운 교신 나누시길 바라며 73!!!

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