Seoul On The Air 합격!

Despite moving our mass activation back one day because of the rains, Saturday’s event was a success! In the morning 10 activators mounted Seoul’s mountains to activate from 11am to 4pm, later to meet up for some barbecued chicken.

The activators with the most QSOs received a specially designed hanji SOTA pencil cup made by N5ATY:

  • 1st place — DS1RDJ with 25 contacts
  • 2nd place — HL1KFB with 10 contacts

Get psyched for next month’s mass activation in Daegu (though this doesn’t mean you can’t get out and activate in the meantime, HL1IWZ is even out on GG-015 Bukhansan as we speak!)

Also, the chaser with the most contacts to summits on Saturday will receive a prize–we’re waiting for the detailed logs to come in to make the announcement (the news should be soon!)

2011년7월2일 토용일아침에 활동자 10명 서울에 산으로 오라갔어요. 11시부터 16시까지 우리모두가 교신 많이하고 후에 시내에 숯불닭갈비 먹었어요.

제일많는 교신하는 활동자들 N5ATY 디자인 산정상교신 한지 필통 받았어요:

  • 1등 DS1RDJ — 25 QSOs
  • 2등 HL1KFB — 10 QSOs

다음달에 대구 운용 이벤트가 준비 하세요. (그렇지만 그때 까지 아직도 언제나 밖에 갈수 있고 운용 할 수 있잖아요~! 오늘 7월3일 HL1IWZ GG-015 북한산 백운대로 가는중!)

상품 받는 체이서 아직도 잘 모라요–로그가 모두 봐야돼요–그소식을 이따가 나와요!

콜사인 QSOs S2S
HL/SL-001 도봉산 HL1IYQ 7 1
HL/SL-003 용마산 HL4ZFA & F4AAR 27 / 1 9 / 0
HL/SL-004 인왕산 DS1DAT ? 3
HL/SL-005 인릉산 DS1RDJ 25 8
HL/SL-007 우면산 DS1DFK & HL1FB 20* / ? 7* / 2?
HL/SL-008 안산 HL1KFB & HL1IWZ 10 / ? ? / 3?
HL/SL-010 응봉 HL2OLP 7 3

*results only made aware of 20110706–wasn’t at MT, sorry!

전국-서울밖에 다른산에서있는 OM님들:

HL/GW-206 대룡산 DS2SHC
HL/IN-012 서래산 DS1SLM
HL/GG-052 운길산 HL2AKB
HL/CN-009 가야산
HL/GG-015 북한산 HL1KGK
HL/GB-361 천생산 6K5ZLH

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